About Us

Founded: 1922
Joined the Garden Club of America: 1924

                                            Founding Members

Miss Edith Biddle                                   Mrs. Robert Lesley
Miss Helen Brinton                              Mrs. Robert H. Page
Mrs. J. Gordon Fetterman               Mrs. Walter T. Roach
Mrs. Samual J. Henderson               Mrs. J. Madison Taylor
Miss Katherine P. Hutchinson       Mrs. Frank G. Thomson
Miss Elizabeth Keating                       Mrs. Walter S, Thomson
Mrs. D. Braden Kyle                             Mrs. William J. Wilcox
Mrs. J. Packard Laird

Our club has a long history of participation throughout the Philadelphia area. During the 1930's many members helped in planting Bowman's Hill Wildflower Preserve.  In the 1940's, the war years, with 3 other clubs, we opened our gardens to the Allied War Relief.  Our members have participated  over the years in the Rittenhouse Flower Market, the Philadelphia Vest Pocket Parks, the Neighborhood Garden Association, and the Physic Garden at Pennsylvania Hospital.  At Mt. Pleasant (an historic home in Fairmount Park),  we contributed to the painting of the exterior of the building, and paid for the historical architectural drawing of the view shed which Four Counties maintained.  We have supported the Kearsley Retirement Community, Meals on Wheels, T&E Cares, St. James School bulb planting, and the Stonehurst Hills Elementary School project of preparation and planting of a Children's Reading Garden.

We can not overlook the 90 years our members have participated in the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society programs, and the talented members who exhibit annually in the Philadelphia International Flower Show where they garner many ribbons in Horticulture and in Artistic Design.

Our members will ever continue to honor the foresighted group of ladies who began with a small vision for our club, but who quickly recognized and mentored the remarkable talent and enthusiasm that would guide Four Counties garden club into the future of growth and knowledge of gardening.

Congratulations to our FCGC member, Aldys Davis, for receiving the judge Emeritus Certificate!

Spotlight on Our Four Counties Garden Club Outstanding Member